From the nightmarish Undead, resurrected from peaceful slumber by foul necromancy, to the pious Konstrato Empire, from the barbarous Yalif hordes to the technologically advanced Lords, in total, there are fifteen different armies to choose from. Click on the links below to find out more about an army, view sample Army Lists, and download army-specific Magic Cards.


Worshipping the god T’Zor from their cavernous realm of Sanctuarium Ultionis, the Damned are a sickly and mutated horde of vengeful fighters. Led by a supernatural Harbinger of Damnation and lavished with all manner of gifts from T’Zor, the Damned look to right the wrongs they have suffered.


Though they are now a much-splintered people, with warring clans refusing to reconcile their differences and unite against the common enemies that surround their lands, a Dwarfs army can still be a formidable force.


Much like the dwarven race, the elves of the Orb are in a state of continual decline. Having lost many of their lands to the planet’s other forces, it is from their mountain-strewn island homes to the north west of Coelum that elven lords set sail aboard their fleets of crystal ships, determined to serve their goddess Dagnr.


An unholy fusion of human and animal, Fiends come in many oddly bodied forms. Some Fiends have a bovine appearance, others resemble rodents or goats, some are fishlike, others are feathered. Differing in countenance, all
Fiends share evil and savage characteristics, and fight with extreme ferocity.

Followers of the Eye

Coldblooded worshippers of the Toad God, Buffo, the Followers of the Eye are a humanoid race whose physical appearance bear exaggerated reptilian and
amphibian characteristics, as well as strange features which bring to mind a myriad of sea creatures and oversized crustaceans.


Along with elves and dwarfs, goblins are one of the oldest races of the Orb. Unlike elves and dwarfs, whose realms have suffered greatly, and whose people are now much diminished, goblins remain widespread across the
planet, with three established kingdoms within the Coelum region.

Hag Elves

The antithesis of their once virtuous roots, crazed, drug-fuelled hag elves are evil-hearted warriors who revel in the bloody carnage of war. Quick of pace and expert killers, an army of Hag Elves is a fearsome force. Evidence of their frequent drug use, many Hag Elves units come with special rules including Chicoi Stimulants, Confidence Enhancers or Dutch Courage.

Konstrato Empire

The pious and crusading Konstrato Empire stretches across dark waters as it encompasses sections of both the Coelum and Infernum regions. With the
devout realm bestrewn with temples and shrines, worship of the god Endovelicus forms the structure of Konstrato society. With religion driven laws mingled with tones of indoctrination, citizens of the land range from the most
faithful to the most fearful.


Worshippers of the insane god Berossus, the Lords are a technology obsessed, breakaway faction of the human race. Technologically, mirroring their deranged god, the Lords are both highly advanced and highly regressive. Meanwhile, though an army of the Lords cannot boast the
most capable of soldiers, it does have the greatest access to the Orb’s most advanced weaponry. Also, be it through drugs or mental conditioning, most of the army’s units are impervious to fear, too.


Worshippers of the gluttonous Pig God, Sus, orcs are extremely violent and destructive creatures who hold territories in both the Coelum and Infernum regions of the Orb. With a natural tendency to become lost in a sea of their
own rampage, a tactically astute orc general will control his warriors with the use of disciplined leaders.

Order of Ophelia

Offering their dark praises to the witch goddess, Ophelia, the Order of Ophelia is a witch-led, matriarchal society in which magic is linked to the forces of nature and the power of the elements.


With solid Foot Troops and Mounted Troops units, along with access to flying units and ranged war machines, as well as powerful wizards, a Samurai player can construct one of the most balanced armies of all the Orb’s forces.

Servants of Extinction

Considered by many to be a lunatic fringe of the human race, setting sail aboard their clinker-built warships, the Rooth-worshipping Servants of Extinction are an uncompromising, anarchic force of brutal warriors.


With their ranks of reanimated skeleton fighters, rotting zombies, cannibalistic ghouls, ancient mummies, bloodthirsty vampires, and dark necromancers, an Undead army is the quintessential legion of horror


Fielding a Yalif army offers players the opportunity to construct a barbarous force centred around brutal warriors who excel in hand-to-hand combat. A highly mobile army, with steeds including horses and camels, a Yalif player also has different cavalry options, too. In addition, though most Yalif units are melee focused, the army’s missile troops do offer some ranged fire power.

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