Army overview:

Worshippers of the insane god Berossus, the Lords are a technology obsessed, breakaway faction of the human race. Technologically, mirroring their deranged god, the Lords are both highly advanced and highly regressive. Meanwhile, though an army of the Lords cannot boast the most capable of soldiers, it does have the greatest access to the Orb’s most advanced weaponry. Also, be it through drugs or mental conditioning, most of the army’s units are impervious to fear, too.

With options including a Vindex Immortalitatis or Master Surgeon, the first thing for a player of the Lords to consider is the choice of General unit. On foot or riding a horse, a Vindex Immortalitatis makes for a better fighter, however a Master Surgeon comes with the additional Medic special rule, and can also be taken with bodyguards (in which the unit benefits from the Follow the Leader and Look Out special rules as well).

When it comes to Champions units, a Lords player faces a similar consideration as with the army’s General unit. Each with its own pros and cons, with a maximum of two Champions units, a Lords army has access to Protectors, Surgeons, and Readers of the Scriptures.

Magic Users for the Lords comprise of Seekers (of which a maximum of just one can be taken into battle), mind-ravaged wizards who are highly knowledgeable about time travel (complete with the Time Travel, Time Travel Master, and Time Manipulator special rules) but also disturbingly unhinged.

Available in units of 5, 10 and 15, Foot Soldiers are Foot Troops of the Lords who are armed with fire lances, and holders of the Confidence Enhancers and Chicoi Stimulants special rules. Carrying deadly but unreliable ray guns, Ray Gunners are the standard missile troops of the Lords. With decent Hand-to-Hand (H-t-H) and Durability (D) values (both 6+) and holding the Psychotic special rule, Cerebrosus units are the Lords shock troops. Meanwhile, limited to a maximum of two units, a Lords army can include Bellators, winged scouts armed for both close combat and shooting.

Mounted Troops choices come in the form of fire lance wielding Equi Ascensores, while the choice of Monsters units is limited to up to two units of Ogres Experiments. Perhaps the most nightmarish of all their units, God Stalkers (of which up to three can be fielded) are walking machines fitted with a ray gun, and operated by an encased crewman.

Further information on the Lords and the complete Lords Army List can be found in the Shadows of Centralis book. Below is an example Army List.

Lords Magic Cards

Below are Shadows of Centralis Lords Magic Cards (Magic Spells originally printed in the Shadows of Centralis book) which can be printed out, fixed to card, and used in games.


Shadows of Centralis can be played with models from any manufacturer, below are a few ideas for armies of the Lords…

Within their Konflikt ’47 range, Warlord Games offer a number of miniatures which are ideal for armies of the Lords…

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