Seas of the Orb


Set in the violent and perplexing Cattus Occuli galaxy, upon the waves of the dark and mysterious world of the Orb, Shadows of Centralis: Seas of the Orb is the first in a series of exciting expansions for the original Shadows of Centralis tabletop wargame.

While Shadows of Centralis uses 28mm miniatures to reflect everything from small-scale skirmishes through to massed battles which involve hundreds of models, Shadows of Centralis: Seas of the Orb, allowing players to command fleets of ships, underwater vessels, terrifying monsters, and flying machines, uses models of a 6mm (1:300) scale.

Sharing the same world and lore as Shadows of Centralis, Shadows of Centralis: Seas of the Orb can be incorporated into campaigns involving the original Shadows of Centralis game. Working equally well, Shadows of Centralis: Seas of the Orb can also be played as a standalone game.

Designed to be flexible and to encourage greater inclusivity, Shadows of Centralis: Seas of the Orb can be played with just a handful of models per side, through to players taking part in largescale battles with dozens of models involved. Expanding on the innovative gaming features of the original Shadows of Centralis game, and with numerous races to choose from, Shadows of Centralis: Seas of the Orb offers both experienced wargamers and newcomers to the hobby exciting and challenging tabletop conflicts.

Armed with dice and tape measures, in games of Shadows of Centralis: Seas of the Orb, taking on the role of a marauding chieftain, piratical warlord, or savvy military commander, opposing players control model navies of fantastical ships, terrifying monsters, vessel-destroying, flying engines of war, and powerful users of magic. In addition to the violent destruction of naval warfare, there is the capricious and vengeful interference from countless warring gods to consider, too.

Sharing the Shadows of Centralis background, with a unique slant on fantasy and science fiction tropes, and providing richly detailed background stories, Shadows of Centralis: Seas of the Orb is an immersive strategy naval wargame which offers players the opportunity to field a range of different seafaring navies.

From the disease-imbued vessels of the Damned, fused with a supernatural strength of structure, to steam-powered engines of the Dwarfs, from the reed ships of the Followers of the Eye to the creaking and rotting nightmarish seacrafts of the Undead, Shadows of Centralis: Seas of the Orb offers players a plethora of units to consider from a total of fifteen different navies.

Though most races have their own particular god whom they worship, some races follow polytheism, and offer their prayers and praise to multiple deities. Meanwhile, playing host to strange transcendental time pockets that allow for instantaneous teleportation across the field of battle, the world in which the game is set, the Orb, is one of continual change.

Complete with several different scenarios, full rules, and fifteen comprehensive navy lists, this book contains all the information needed to play a game of Shadows of Centralis: Seas of the Orb. So, choose your god, steady your ships, grab your dice and tape measure, and set sail upon the seas of the Orb.

Designed by renowned model-maker Bob Naismith, available exclusively via, there will be a large and exciting range of official Shadows of Centralis: Seas of the Orb miniatures. Ranging from huge warships to ornithopter carriers, sea monsters to magic spells effects, with much in between, these dynamic models will form part of a continually expanding range of official Shadows of Centralis: Seas of the Orb models and gaming pieces.

Bob Naismith is a veteran wargames miniatures sculptor and designer whose career stretches back to 1976 and his time with Wargames Publications Scotland. Following his two year stint with the Scottish wargames company, Bob moved onto Naismith Design and Navwar, before embarking on close to a decade long association with Citadel Miniatures/ Games Workshop. He then briefly worked for Grenadier Models, switching to a fully freelance role in 1990; a position he has worked in for the past thirty years.

As a figure designer who is highly sought after, Bob’s clients over the years have included Games Workshop, Milton Bradley, Hasbro, Waddingtons, Bluebird Toys, Corgi, Grenadier Models, ICI, White Wolf, Ares, Fireforge, Gripping Beast, Old Glory, North Star Military Figures, Victrix, Shmidtspieler, PECO, Battlefront, Wargames Atlantic and many other model figure companies. In addition to producing the official range of Shadows of Centralis miniatures, Bob also operates an independent venture called Overrunners, full details of which can be found at

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