Army overview:

Worshippers of the gluttonous Pig God, Sus, orcs are extremely violent and destructive creatures who hold territories in both the Coelum and Infernum regions of the Orb. With a natural tendency to become lost in a sea of their own rampage, a tactically astute orc general will control his warriors with the use of disciplined leaders.

On foot or mounted upon a wild boar, an orc warlord (General unit) is a ferocious close combat fighter with a solid Durability (D) value (5+). In addition to having the Inspiring special rule, an orc warlord also has the Bestial Roar special rule.

An Orcs army can include up to three Champions units, and it is here where the Orcs player faces options linked to the working dynamic of the army as a whole. Given the Orcs army special rule, a force of Orcs will be easier to control with more leaders included. There are other units than leaders within the Champions bracket for the Orcs, though, such as musicians.

With access to a shaman on foot or riding a wild boar, an Orcs army can include a maximum of two magic Users units. Holding the Drunk special rule, and with a Magic (Mg) value of 6+, an orc shaman is an unstable character whose spells are powerfully destructive.

Typically forming the core of an Orcs army, units of Orc Warriors, complete with their Hand-to-Hand Combat (H-t-H) value of 6+ and a Durability (D) value of 6+, are solid and reliable fighters. Meanwhile, with their Shooting (S) value of 7+, Orc Archers provide average missile support.

Wood Pigs, with their Tracker special rule, can make for highly disruptive units for the enemy to deal with, while Blades of Sus are all out berserkers. Mounted Troops for an Orcs army comprise of Pig Raiders, units equipped for both close combat and missile warfare. With a maximum of two, Monsters units available to an Orcs player include Ogres, Giants and Trolls. Again limited to a maximum of two, Machines of War units which an Orcs player can field include chariots and ballistae.

Further information on the race of orcs and the complete Orcs Army List can be found in the Shadows of Centralis book. Below is an example Army List.

Orcs Magic Cards

Below are Shadows of Centralis Orcs Magic Cards (Magic Spells originally printed in the Shadows of Centralis book) which can be printed out, fixed to card, and used in games.


Shadows of Centralis can be played with models from any manufacturer, below are a few ideas for armies of Orcs…

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