Army overview:

An unholy fusion of human and animal, Fiends come in many oddly bodied forms. Some Fiends have a bovine appearance, others resemble rodents or goats, some are fishlike, others are feathered. Differing in countenance, all Fiends share evil and savage characteristics, and fight with extreme ferocity.

Wearing heavy armour, carrying a shield, and armed for close combat, a Fiends warlord is the army’s General unit, and he can be on foot, on horseback, or mounted about a ferocious jabberwock. When it comes to Champions units (of which a Fiends player can field up to two), choices include a Fiendish Horror on foot or on horse, as well as an Order of the Fiend Possessed Cultist.

Choices of Magic Users units for a Fiends player include Priests of Darkness, evil wizards who can be taken alone on foot, on foot with a sacrificial cultist, or mounted on a horse. Fiends magic spells enable a Priest of Darkness to improve friendly units, and degrade the fighting ability of enemies.

Foot Troops units of the Fiends include close combat focussed Fiendish Warriors and Fiendish Berserkers, along with Fiend Slave Masters and Slaves, and spear and pistol armed Order of the Fiend Cultists. Though Order of the Fiend Cultists are not the most proficient of fighters, these units are cheap (in terms of Victory Points (VP)), and do benefit from the Dutch Courage special rule.

Perhaps best considered as light cavalry, whilst Fiendish Warriors on Horses lack the punching power of other army’s Mounted Troops units, they can often prove effective at finishing off weakened enemy troops or dealing with crews of war machines.

Fiends Monsters units include a number of hard-hitting creatures. Both Minotaurs and Megatherium units have the Fear, Immune to Fear and Large Target special rules, while a Daeodon has the Large Target and Bone Crushing special rules. Meanwhile, often deployed in a similar way to Fiendish Warriors on Horses, Harpies have the Fly special rule. When it comes to Machines of War, Fiends rely on horse-drawn chariots.  

Further information on the Fiends and the complete Fiends Army List can be found in the Shadows of Centralis book. Below is an example Army List.

Fiends Magic Cards

Below are Shadows of Centralis Fiends Magic Cards (Magic Spells originally printed in the Shadows of Centralis book) which can be printed out, fixed to card, and used in games.

Projecting a booming, ground-tremoring guttural roar, which abruptly adulterated the still and crisp early morning air, N’ya bellowed his praise to the Beast God, N’kish. An unhallowed and bloodthirsty torturer of enslaved souls, N’Kish, sometimes known as the Jackal God, was the deity of the Fiends. Clearly blessed by his god, N’ya was a hulking monstrosity, his oversized humanoid form saw him stand upon huge cloven hooves, from which stemmed powerful calves and muscular thighs. His herculean torso and mighty arms were covered with layers of ill-kept chainmail shirts and mismatched armour. Meanwhile, with his hide covered in filthy, coarse, blood-soiled matted hair, the Fiends warlord carried a foetid stench.

Around N’ya, under the heady influence of their intoxicating blood-based libations, human cultists, who had long ago adopted the mindset of beasts, chanted with dark tongues as their wicked blades glinted in the twilight. These twisted denizens of caliginosity would draw the fire of the enemy, while units of Fiends armed with close combat weapons would take the fight to them. Savage but sagacious, N’ya, the self-proclaimed Hand of N’kish, had carefully planned this attack on the dwarven garrison. Having, during the preceding weeks, polluted their wells with rotting corpses and interrupted their supply of provisions through stealthy ambushes, N’ya was leading his Fiends into conflict with a much-weakened dwarf force. N’ya knew, though, given the ingrained stoical and resolute nature of dwarfs, that the defending troops would still not capitulate easily.


Shadows of Centralis can be played with models from any manufacturer, below are a few ideas for armies of Fiends…

This fearsome model is perfect for using in a unit of Minotaurs…

Giant Minotaur Wielding Double Headed Axe. Copyright: Warmonger Miniatures, all rights reserved.