Servants of Extinction

Army overview:

Considered by many to be a lunatic fringe of the human race, setting sail aboard their clinker-built warships, the Rooth-worshipping Servants of Extinction are an uncompromising, anarchic force of brutal warriors.

On foot or mounted on a horse, an Extinction Warlord serves of the army’s General unit. Armed with a crossbow and sword or axe, an Extinction Warlord is equipped for missile warfare and close combat. With Hand-to-Hand Combat (H-t-H) and Shooting (S) values both weighing in at 5+, an Extinction Warlord is a reliable fighter, and also carries the Inspiring special rule.

A Servants of Extinction army can include a maximum of two Champion units; options include an Extinction Champion on foot, as well as mounted upon a horse. However the unit is taken, an Extinction Champion, like an Extinction Warlord, is equipped with weapons (crossbow and sword) for both missile and close combat. For an additional +5 Victory Points (VP), an Extinction Champion can be granted the Battle Standard special rule.

With the ability to cast Magic Spells such as Spare None and Crush Them! Visionaries are the Magic Users of the Servants of Extinction. Another unit equipped for both shooting and close combat (crossbow and sword), with the option of being taken on foot or upon a horse, Visionaries have the Time Manipulator special rule.

Available in blocks of 5, 10 and 15, armed with a bow and an axe or sword, with both Hand-to-Hand Combat (H-t-H) and Shooting (S) values of 7+, Extinction Warriors serve as the standard Foot Troops units of the army.

Armed for close combat, in units of 5 or 10, Extinction Berserkers, complete with the Psychotic special rule, and with a Hand-to-Hand Combat (H-t-H) value of 6+, are the force’s ‘shock and awe’ troops. Meanwhile, rounding out the army’s options of Foot Troops are deadly Crossbowmen.

Effectively mounted versions of Extinction Warriors, Extinction Riders, armed with bows and axes or swords, are the Servants of Extinction’s Mounted Troops option. With an emphasis on brute force and aggression, Ogres and Giants make up the Monsters units of the Servants of Extinction, while chariots and ballistae are the force’s preferred war machines.

Example Army List:

Servants of Extinction Magic Cards:

Below are Shadows of Centralis Servants of Extinction Magic Cards (Magic Spells originally printed in the Shadows of Centralis book) which can be printed out, fixed to card, and used in games.

Casting a steely, unblinking eye across the foamy, white-laced waves, with salty sea air stinging like a swarm of hornets his bruised and lacerated face and hands, R’lyeh, Acolyte of Rooth considered the absolute destruction he and his warriors had left behind. It had been without mercy or hesitation that the Servants of Extinction had slain those before them, saving only a few dozen soldiers who were later nailed to his ships’ masts; their deaths painfully drawn out, they were gruesome, crow-pecked decorations designed to instil a nauseating fear in future enemies.

Not content to simply defeat the defending force of the Konstrato Empire in combat, R’lyeh wanted to crush the enemy, to remove all traces of them, and had ordered the complete razing of the coastal outpost. Such was the intensity of the flames, fuelled as much by fanatical enthusiasm for the cause as the use of many barrels of oil, plumes of thick black smoke served as a message for miles around of R’lyeh’s intentions to wreak havoc in neighbouring lands.

It had not been without costs of his own that R’lyeh had achieved victory, his Servants of Extinction troops had suffered casualties, too. Below deck, in chambers misted with incense and the murmuring of prayers, many warriors were being treated by apothecaries. Of those who had made the ultimate sacrifice, R’lyeh felt a strange sense of envy; his fallen warriors had now transcended the limitations of physical form and had ascended to Rooth’s Palace of Solace. Now with their goddess, with soul purified and mind cleansed, and with their committed atrocities forming no part of their memories, the slain Servants of Extinction warriors now lived a supernatural life of eternal fulfilment.

Returning to his sleeping quarters, R’lyeh drank deeply from an ornate green glass bottle which had been resting on the floor of his bedside. As the vinegary tones of the papaver somniferum-based wine washed down his throat, R’lyeh lay back on his bed, closed his eyes and entered into strange, euphoric dreams. Until he himself entered through the gates of the Palace of Solace, such dreams would be his consolation.


Shadows of Centralis can be played with models from any manufacturer, below are a few ideas for armies of the Servants of Extinction. One model manufacturer players may find especially useful is Gripping Beast. Drawing from Gripping Beast’s extensive range of plastic sets, players fielding Servants of Extinction armies are well catered for, with the company’s Viking Hirdmen and Goth Noble Cavalry working wonderfully well as Extinction Warriors, Extinction Berserkers, and Extinction Riders, respectively.

Gripping Beast also produce many metal models which will appeal to Servants of Extinction players. Lightly armoured, wrapped in furs, carrying shields, and armed with an assortment of hand weapons, sculpted by Bill Thornhill, Gripping Beast’s Dreng Warriors make perfect Extinction Warriors. In addition to being armed with an axe or sword, each Extinction Warrior carries a bow, something Gripping Beast caters for in the form of their loose metal bows.

Similar to Gripping Beast, centred around their extensive Hail Caesar range, Warlord Games offer a wide range of models for players of the Servants of Extinction to consider. Meanwhile, RPE Miniatures & Games also provide many different models which are ideally suited to being used within a Servants of Extinction army.

Further information on the Rooth-worshipping Servants of Extinction, as well as the complete Servants of Extinction Army List can be found in the Shadows of Centralis book.

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