Model Manufacturers

Though the game can be played with models from any manufacturer, a special mention is given to Diehard Miniatures, Gripping Beast Ltd, Warlord Games, Foundry Miniatures Ltd, Warmonger Miniatures, Goblinmaster Limited, Lucid Eye Publications and Mantic, whose fantastic miniatures feature in the Shadows of Centralis book.

Diehard Miniatures

Formed in 2014, with an emphasis on ‘Oldhammer’ aesthetics and metal models, Diehard Miniatures was created by hobby veterans Tim Prow, Chaz Elliott and Drew Williams. Over the years, Diehard Miniatures has grown to include the talents of artists and concept designers Richard Luong, Chris Walton, Johan Egerkrans, Kennon James, and Jody Siegel. Including both fantasy and science-fiction genres, the UK-based company has an expanding range of superb 28mm miniatures to choose from.


Gripping Beast Ltd

Founded by Andy Sherwell, and utilising the sculpting talents of Bob Naismith, Colin Patten, Robi Baker, Soapy and others, Gripping Beast provide a large range of finely detailed historical and fantasy 28mm miniatures. Concentrating their energies on manufacturing only models they interested in and enthusiastic about, their historical models are superbly accurate, whilst their fantasy range is wonderfully full of unique character.


Warlord Games

The standard bearer for miniature military wargames and models, the multi award winning Warlord Games offers gamers, modellers, painters, and collectors an exciting and extensive product range. Prolific in its creative output, Warlord Games provides game systems and models for World War II (Bolt Action), the ‘Black Powder’ era (1700 – 1900), the ‘Pike & Shotte’ period (1400 – 1600), and the early bronze age (3000 BC) through to medieval knights (1400) with Hail Caesar. The worlds of science fiction and fantasy are not ignored either, with Warlord Games offering Beyond The Gates of Antares and Warlords of Erehwon, respectively. Further to this, the company has license agreements for Strontium DogJudge Dredd and Doctor Who.


Wargames Foundry

Wargames Foundry is the main trading name for Foundry Miniatures Ltd, a company that was formed in 1982 by Bryan Ansell and Diane Lane and was originally called Bryan Ansell Miniatures Ltd. It started trading in 1983 when Cliff, Bryan’s father, took early retirement from teaching and Bryan and Diane set him up to manage a wargames company specialising in historical miniatures. It’s early ranges were ex-Citadel and Games Workshop historical models along with fantasy models that were no longer produced by Citadel. Now nearly forty years old, Wargames Foundry, still owned by Bryan and Diane, produces the largest range of metal models in the world as well as its own extensive range of Foundry paints. It also publishes military history books and painting guides.


Warmonger Miniatures

The sister company of Foundry Miniatures Ltd, Warmonger Miniatures provides thousands of 28mm fantasy metal miniatures. In addition to continual new releases, the company has also brough back hundreds of out of production models, consequently they offer collectors, hobbyists, and gamers many exceptional miniatures with both a modern and nostalgic feel.


Goblinmaster Limited

Kevin Adams, a name synonymous with model goblins, has been sculpting 28mm scale fantasy and science fiction miniatures for four decades as he has provided his highly sought-after talents to numerous model and wargaming companies. In 2020, Kevin founded Goblinmaster Ltd, a model company which serves as a vehicle for a range of Kevin’s own unique designs.



Created by wargames and model enthusiast Ronnie Renton, Mantic are a UK-based wargames, RPG and model company which produce a wide range of original and licensed game systems; Kings of War, Star Saga, The Walking Dead, Vanguard, Dungeon Saga, Warpath, HellBoy: The Board Game, Deadzone and DreadBall. Since launching in 2009, Mantic have established themselves as a key player in the hobby industry, their products offering gamers and collectors affordable versatility with no compromise in quality.


Wargames Atlantic

Founded by Hudson Adams, since launching in 2019, spread across their eleven different ranges, Wargames Atlantic have produced dozens of different sets of hard plastic 28mm miniatures. Working with both seasoned professionals as well as up-and-coming figure designers, coupled with the use of innovative design and manufacturing technology, Wargames Atlantic’s models are superbly detailed. With the versatility offered by their plastic kits providing countless conversion options, as well as many of their ranges ideal without modifications, the miniatures provided by Wargames Atlantic are perfect for games of Shadows of Centralis.


North Star Military Figures

“Welcome to North Star Military Figures. We are a UK based company that stocks thousands of model soldiers and wargames rule books, as well as various accessories to go with them.

The figures we sell come from many different manufacturers; they come unpainted and we have both metal figures and plastic figures. They are bought by collectors, military modellers, painters of miniature figurines and people who play tabletop games. We also sell a very large selection of these tabletop rules.”


Satyr Art Studio

“We primarily provide custom, commercial grade, miniature  sculpting services for toy companies and tabletop wargame hobby manufacturers. However, when we get the itch to make something for ourselves, this is where you may find it being sold.”


The Little Soldier Company

“This is the abode of licensed Noggin the Nog miniatures, Politico caricatures, the feared Tenoch & Khamaí along with the wonders of Geründerland… not forgetting the dwarven bar room brawl and now the Emporium of Miscellany… “


RPE Miniatures & Games

“Ral Parthe Europe was set up in 2000 by FASA Corporation (then owners of Ral Partha in the US) to manufacture and supply Classic Battletech and Ral Partha Fantasy miniatures to mail order and trade customers throughout Europe and the Commonwealth.

We relocated in 2010 to our new, larger factory premises and shortly after relaunched our mail order service as RPE Miniatures & Games (it’s easier to type!). We have added new ranges such as ‘DSA- Das Schwarze Auge’ and recently acquired ‘Demonworld 15mm’.”


Footsore Miniatures & Games

“Footsore Miniatures was established to provide high-quality 28mm metal miniatures for gamers and collectors alike. Its foundation is built on the old Musketeer Miniatures range of figures sculpted by the designer, Bill Thornhill.
With the addition of other sculptors such as Matthew Bickley, Paul Hicks, John Robertson and Stavros Zouliatis it now offers high-quality 28mm metal and tabletop games such as Gangs of Rome, Mortal Gods & The Barons’ War.”


Knightmare Games

With each highly detailed metal miniature bursting with character, Knightmare Games offer gamers and collectors a multitude of fantastic fantasy figures to choose from, many of which are ideally suited to games of Shadows of Centralis.


Creative Sculpt Studio

Headed by Paul Smith, Creative Sculpt Studio offer a range of superbly detailed and characterful miniatures, from fantasy to science fiction, with much in between.


Old School Miniatures

“We only sell models that we think are awesome, and that look like they could have fallen down the back of a sculptor’s desk in the 1980’s. Where possible, we make all our models out of proper, durable metal – and when we can’t do that, we use the best quality resin we can. We think our models are great, and we work with some amazing sculptors- including Kev Adams, John Pickford, Byron Harmon and Phil Hynes. Basically, if we wouldn’t be happy to paint or play with it ourselves, we won’t sell it to you.”


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