Army overview:

Worshipping the god T’Zor from their cavernous realm of Sanctuarium Ultionis, the Damned are a sickly and mutated horde of vengeful fighters. Led by a supernatural Harbinger of Damnation and lavished with all manner of gifts from T’Zor, the Damned look to right the wrongs they have suffered.

Though armies of the Damned lack natural fighters, given the relatively cheap Victory Points (VP) value of their units, they do benefit from fielding a high model count. It is through strength in numbers, and the benefit of the Poison special rule, where the Damned excel.

On foot or mounted upon a giant rat, and with the Telepathy, Poison and Regenerate special rules, a Damned army is led by a Harbinger of Damnation. Supporting their liege, Champions units (of which a maximum of two can be taken) include a Key of Damnation either on foot or atop a giant rat, and a Damned Demon. Whilst the Key of Damnation units have the Poison special rule and can take the Battle Standard special rule (at a cost of +5VP), the Damned Demon has the Inspiring and Fly special rules.

Though a Damned army can field just one Magic Users unit, available to Damned players is a warlock who can be on foot, mounted on a giant rat or joined by a spiritual retinue. Possessing the Time Travel, Time Travel Master and Familiar special rules (and, if taken with a spiritual retinue, the Follow The Leader and Look Out special rules as well), a Damned warlock is a powerful manipulator of magic.

Foot Troops of the Damned are cheap in terms of Victory Points (VP); a unit of 5 Diseased is 5VP, while a unit of 5 Mutants is 10VP. Though neither Diseased or Mutant units can boast solid fighters (Shooting (S) and Hand-to-Hand (H-t-H) of both units are 8+), each has its own advantage; Diseased units have the Poison special rule, while Mutant models have 2 Attacks (A) each for both Hand-to-Hand Combat (H-t-H) and Shooting (S). Armed with knives and slings, the Damned also have access to Damned Slingers.

Mounted Troops available to the Damned are minimal but provide plenty of bang for their buck. Mounted on giant rats, each Mutant Rider has the Attack (A) values of 3/ 2, allowing them to be used well in both Hand-to-Hand Combat and Shooting.

One of their Monsters options, Trolls provide reliable muscle for the Damned and have the Poison, Stench, Regenerate and Large Target special rules. The strange Gigantic Hallucigenia is the Damned’s potential big hitter, though. Should the Damned player achieve a successful Hand-to-Hand Combat (H-t-H) roll for this beast, then it lays 5 Hits on the enemy. It’s all or nothing with the Gigantic Hallucigenia, though, as a failed H-t-H roll sees the unit inflict no damage whatsoever.

A Damned army can field up to two Machines of War units, and available to Damned players are Damned Giant Rat Chariots and Damned Ballistae. A useful quirk of a Damned Ballista is that it holds the Poison special rule, as well as using a 3” template.

Example Army List:

Damned Magic Cards:

Below are Shadows of Centralis Damned Magic Cards (Magic Spells originally printed in the Shadows of Centralis book) which can be printed out, fixed to card, and used in games.

Festering like an infected sore concealed beneath a silken shirt, positioned on the south east coast of Coelum, to the east of the forested, nature-bestrewn witching realm Civitas Maleficis, Sanctuarium Ultionis is the sprawling underground domain of the sickly and shunned, T’Zor-worshipping Damned. Damp, dark and teeming with chittering rodents and all manner of scurrying insects, which often grow to gigantic proportions, this multi-level, labyrinthine realm comprises a complex network of creaking ventilation shafts, along with an elaborate series of rusted pumps and corroding fans which circulate a stale and nauseating air. Comprising sulphur mixed with lime, whilst offering some minimal warmth to the draughty tunnel networks, the dancing flames of wall-mounted torches mingle with the fetid and dank tones of the diseased atmosphere as they illuminate the innumerable passages of the Damned’s dark dominion.

Models: Much like the 28mm metal model for the infamous Servants of Extinction character, R’lyeh, Acolyte of Rooth, RPE Miniatures & Games also have many other miniatures which are especially well-suited for using in games of Shadows of Centralis. Resplendent in their rotting condition, their forms fused with an unnerving strength, sculpted by hobby veteran Chaz Elliott, the miniatures below are ideal for using as Keys of Damnation.

Further information on the T’Zor-worshipping Damned, as well as the complete Damned Army List can be found in the Shadows of Centralis book.

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