Army overview:

Much like the dwarven race, the elves of the Orb are in a state of continual decline. Having lost many of their lands to the planet’s other forces, it is from their mountain-strewn island homes to the north west of Coelum that elven lords set sail aboard their fleets of crystal ships, determined to serve their goddess Dagnr.

Of all the armies in Shadows of Centralis, the Elves are some of the most expensive in terms of Victory Points (VP), but they also boast some of the best fighters. Fielding an Elves army is ideal for players who like fast moving troops whose warriors are reliable in both close combat and missile-focussed fighting. Further to this, elven mages are some of the Orb’s most powerful users of magic. Elven armies may lack the numbers of other forces, however, when played to their strengths few armies can match them.

With a choice of Elven Lord on foot, upon horse or pegasus, or mounted atop a dragon, players of the Elves are spoilt for choice when it comes to the General unit. With an exceptional Confidence (C) value, multiple Attacks (A) in both Hand-to-Hand Combat and Shooting, and having the Inspiring special rule, an Elven Lord makes a highly versatile leader.

When it comes to Champions units, much like the Elven Lord, Elven Paladins are excellent close combat fighters and missile users, they can also be taken on foot or mounted on a horse or griffon. Further to this, there is the option of taking an Elven Musician, and benefiting from its Encouraging special rule.

Elves are powerful users of magic, and an army of Elves can include up to two Elven mages, each of which holds the Time Travel and Time Travel Master special rules. Representing their magical prowess, the Elves army special rule allows each Magic User to attempt to cast 2 Magic Spells within each Magic phase of the Elves player’s Turn.

Typically, units of the Elves are less durable than many of the other armies available in Shadows of Centralis. For example, Elven Spearmen have a Durability (D) value of 7+, while Elven Archers have a Durability (D) value of just 8+. A tactic often well employed with Elves units generally, a savvy Elves player will look to get the most out of these units as quickly as possible before they fall.

Of the different Foot Troops they can field, Knights of Dagnr are the Elves’ ‘hard hitters’. With the ability to be fielded in units of 5 or 10, each Knight of Dagnr has 2 Attacks (A) in Hand-to-Hand Combat, along with a Hand-to-Hand (H-t-H) value of 4+, as well as the Beguiling special rule.

Armed with bows and swords, Elven Horse Riders can make Attacks in both Hand-to-Hand Combat and Shooting. Meanwhile, mounted on armoured horses, wearing suits of heavy armour, carrying shields, and armed with lances, Elven Cataphracts are perhaps the deadliest and most durable of all Elves units.

Monsters units (of which an Elves army can field a maximum of two) available to the Elves include Giant Kites (unit of 3) and Tree Beasts. With Machines of War units (of which, again, an Elves army can field a maximum of two), an Elves player has access to Elven Horse Chariots and Elven Ballistae.

Example Army List:

Elves Magic Cards:

Below are Shadows of Centralis Elves Magic Cards (Magic Spells originally printed in the Shadows of Centralis book) which can be printed out, fixed to card, and used in games.


Shadows of Centralis can be played with models from any manufacturer, below are a few ideas for armies of Elves. Gripping Beast offer some wonderful Cataphract Horse models, such as those pictured below, perfect for using in units of Elven Cataphracts. Offering many different models, another manufacturer worth considering is RPE Miniatures & Games.

Further information on the Dagnr-worshipping Elves, as well as the complete Elves Army List can be found in the Shadows of Centralis book.

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