Order of Ophelia

Army overview:

Offering their dark praises to the witch goddess, Ophelia, the Order of Ophelia is a witch-led, matriarchal society in which magic is linked to the forces of nature and the power of the elements. Fielding an Order of Ophelia army allows players to take into battle powerful users of magic, solid fighters,
ferocious monsters, and line-breaking chariots.

In an Order of Ophelia army, both the General unit and Magic Users units can attempt to cast Magic Spells. Adding further to their magical prowess, the Order of Ophelia army special rule allows the army’s player to re-roll failed D10 Magic rolls.

With the option of being on foot, mounted on a horse, chariot or lamassu, a High Priestess leads an Order of Ophelia army. Though her Hand-to-Hand Combat (H-t-H) and Shooting (S) values (both 6+) are decidedly average, a High Priestess does have close combat and missile weapons (bow and great axe or great sword). However, with a Magic (Mg) value of 4+, it is with Magic that a High Priestess excels. Meanwhile, as standard, special rules for a High Priestess include Inspiring and Time Manipulator; a chariot-riding High
Priestess comes with the additional Large Target special rule, while additional special rules for a lamassu-mounted High Priestess include Fear, Large Target and Fly.

When it comes to Champions, of which an Order of Ophelia player can field up to two units, options include an Outrage of Ophelia on foot or on horse, as well as an Order of Ophelia Apothecary. Armed with a great axe or great sword, more directed towards close combat carnage, on Outrage of Ophelia, on foot or mounted, has the Chicoi Stimulants special rule, as well as (for an additional +5 VP (Victory Points)) the Battle Standard special rule. With inferior Hand-to-Hand Combat (H-t-H), Shooting (S) and Durability (D)
values, though an Order of Ophelia Apothecary unit may struggle in fighting situations in which it is directly involved, the unit does possess the Medic special rule.

Holding the Time Travel and Familiar special rules, Magic Users units for an Order of Ophelia army include Witches on foot or mounted on a horse. Powerful users of magic, units of Witches have a Magic (Mg) value of 5+.

Both coming with the Dutch Courage special rule, Warrior-Witches and Order of Ophelia Archers form the standard Foot Troops units of an Order of Ophelia army. Wearing light armour, and carrying a shield, each Warrior-Witch is armed with a sword; units of Warrior-Witches are available in blocks
of 5, 10 and 15. Also available in units of 5, 10 and 15, Order of Ophelia Archers wear light armour, and are armed with knives and bows.

The Order of Ophelia can field a number of strange and supernatural units, such as Sirens and Dryads. Enchanting the enemy towards them with blades lowered, though possessing a woefully low Durability (D) value (9+), Sirens do
benefit from both the Beguiling and Poison special rules. An ethereal blend of faerie, dead souls and arboreous aspects, units of Dryads possess the Armour Ripping, Immune to Fear and Flammable special rules.

Rounding out Foot Troops options for an Order of Ophelia army are units of Order of Ophelia Wolfpacks. Comprising of a Pack Master and Pack of 5 Wolves, this unit, complete with Animal Handler, Follow the Leader and Look Out special rules, can prove a frustrating nuisance to opposing troops.

Available in units of 5 and 10, Mounted Troops units for the Order of Ophelia include the versatile Warrior-Witch Horse Riders, warriors equipped for both close combat and missile fighting. Meanwhile, when it comes to Monsters units for the Order of Ophelia, of which up to two can be taken, options
include Harpies and Great Bears.

Opting for fast-moving vehicles of destruction, Machines of War units for the Order of Ophelia, of which up to two can be fielded, include Order of Ophelia Horse Chariots.

Example Army List:

Order of Ophelia Magic Cards:

Below are Shadows of Centralis Order of Ophelia Magic Cards (Magic Spells originally printed in the Shadows of Centralis book) which can be printed out, fixed to card, and used in games.


Shadows of Centralis can be played with models from any manufacturer, below are a few ideas for armies of the Order of Ophelia. Gripping Beast offer a number of superb model options for players of the Order of Ophelia to consider when putting their armies together. Sculpted by the wonderful Bob
Naismith, Gripping Beast offer several Shieldmaiden Warriors, Shieldmaiden Berserkers and Shieldmaiden Hearthguard figures, all of which are ideal for using as Order of Ophelia Warrior-Witches. Meanwhile, again sculpted by
Bob Naismith, Gripping Beast’s Shieldmaiden Archers, dynamically posed and wonderfully detailed, are perfect for representing Order of Ophelia Archers.

Prolific in his output, Bob Naismith sculpted Gripping Beast’s The Witch & Her Cat (and Cauldron!) set. This characterful set, superbly sculpted and full of menacing details, is ideal for use as a Witch unit within an Order of Ophelia army. Similarly, sculpted by Angel Terol, Gripping Beast’s The Enchantress of Wood and Meadow is another model players may look to consider when constructing their Witch units. Used ‘as is’ or part of conversion projects, there are several other miniatures within Gripping Beast’s extensive catalogue
which are well-suited to Order of Ophelia armies, including the company’s horse and chariot models.

Again, either used ‘as is’ or as part of conversion projects, other model manufacturers players may look to when constructing their Order of Ophelia armies include RPE Miniatures & Games, Warlord Games, Knightmare Games
and Diehard Miniatures, amongst others.

Further information on the Ophelia-worshipping Orders of Ophelia, as well as the complete Orders of Ophelia Army List can be found in the Shadows of Centralis book.

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