Konstrato Empire

Army overview:

The pious and crusading Konstrato Empire stretches across dark waters as it encompasses sections of both the Coelum and Infernum regions. With the devout realm bestrewn with temples and shrines, worship of the god Endovelicus forms the structure of Konstrato society. With religion driven laws mingled with tones of indoctrination, citizens of the land range from the most faithful to the most fearful.

On foot or mounted upon a horse, the General unit of a Konstrato Empire army comprises of a Konstrato Empire General. Wearing light armour and carrying a shield, as standard this unit is armed with a cleansing pistol and sword. If mounted on a horse, the unit can be armed with a flaming lance instead of sword. As you would expect from the leader of a Konstrato Empire army, a Konstrato Empire General is a solid fighter, the unit’s Hand-to-Hand (H-t-H) and Shooting (S) values are both 4+. Meanwhile, the unit also benefits from the Inspiring special rule.

With options including a Konstrato Empire Champion, Konstrato Empire Champion on Horse, Konstrato Empire Witch Hunter and Konstrato Empire Surgeon, a Konstrato Empire army can field up to two Champions units. The ‘standard champions’ of the force, on foot or upon horseback, a Konstrato Empire Champion wears light armour and carries a shield, while armed with a long-range firearm and sword. For an additional +5 Victory Points (VP), the unit can be granted the Battle Standard special rule.

Able to make Attacks in both Hand-to-Hand Combat and Shooting, a Konstrato Empire Witch Hunter is armed with a cleansing pistol and sword. Though the unit’s Durability (D) value is just 8+, it does have a Confidence (C) value of 5+, possess 2 Wounds ( W ), and holds the Immune to Fear special rule. Much like a Konstrato Empire Witch Hunter, a Konstrato Empire Surgeon has a Durability (D) value of 8+, as well as a Confidence (C) value of 5+, along with 2 Wounds ( W ) and the Medic special rule.

Wearing light armour, carrying shields, and armed with spears, Konstrato Empire Spearmen make for solid performing soldiers with a leaning towards defensive tactics. More drawn to the cut and thrust of offensive situations, with a Hand-to-Hand (H-t-H) value of 6+, units of Konstrato Empire Swordsmen are better suited to charge attacks. When it comes to missile troops, a player of the Konstrato Empire has access to flamethrower carrying Cleansing Squads, as well as units of Konstrato Empire Bowmen, Konstrato Empire Crossbowmen, and Konstrato Empire Musketeers. Rounding out their Foot Troops units are Konstrato Empire Pack Masters and Packs.

On horseback, wearing light armour, and thrusting flaming lances into enemy lines, units of Purging Beacons are the Mounted Troops option for a Konstrato Empire player. This unit has a Hand-to-Hand (H-t-H) value of 5+, while each model of the unit has 2 Attacks (A) in Hand-to-Hand Combat.

A Konstrato Empire army can include up to two Machines of War units, including Saviour Machines, Konstrato Cannons and Konstrato Ballistae. With a Movement (M) value of 10 and armed with a mounted flamethrower, a Saviour Machine is a pacey and destructive war machine which holds the Fear, Inspiring and Large Target special rules. With regards to immobile ranged weapons, a Konstrato Cannon unit has the Temperamental special rule, while the Konstrato Ballista unit is generally more reliable but a little less devastating in effect.

Example Army List:

Konstrato Empire Magic Cards:

Below are Shadows of Centralis Konstrato Empire Magic Cards (Magic Spells originally printed in the Shadows of Centralis book) which can be printed out, fixed to card, and used in games.


Shadows of Centralis can be played with models from any manufacturer. Companies well worth considering with regards to constructing an army of the Konstrato Empire include Gripping Beast and Warlord Games, amongst others.

Shadows of Centralis players fielding armies of the Konstrato Empire are treated to a veritable treasure trove of Gripping Beast models to consider when constructing their forces. Available to use ‘as is’ or as part of conversion projects, all of the Konstrato Empire’s units can be put together from Gripping Beasts’ figures.

From Spanish to Frankish, with much in between, Gripping Beast produce many different models which can be used as Konstrato Empire Crossbowmen. Similarly, when it comes to Konstrato Empire Spearmen, Gripping Beast offer a plethora of models to consider, with options including, but not limited to, Norman, Arthurian, Frankish, and Hun spearmen.

On foot or mounted upon horses, Gripping Beast produce a number of Military Order Sergeants, superb models which lend themselves wonderfully well to Konstrato Empire units, such as Konstrato Empire Swordsmen and Purging Beacons. Likewise, Military Order Knights and Mounted Crusading Knight models are perfect for using as units of Purging Beacons also.

Sculpted by Matt Bickley, Gripping Beast’s metal Hexenjager models, from the company’s Order Militant range, are well-suited for games of Shadows of Centralis, particularly for inclusion within armies of the Konstrato Empire. Resplendent in their grim and dark character, and with each figure carrying a burning torch, these superb figures make perfect Konstrato Empire Swordsmen, as well as members of Cleansing Squads.

Applying his talents across the entirety of Gripping Beast’s fantastic Order Militant models, again sculpted by Matt Bickley, Gripping Beast’s Grand Commander of The Order Militant miniature makes a perfect Konstrato Empire Witch Hunter.

As Shadows of Centralis fuses aspects of fantasy, science fiction and horror, model manufacturers who cater for such genres are ideal for those players looking to either buy figures to use ‘as is’ or convert. Given their extensive range of 28mm models, available in plastic, metal, and resin, Warlord Games are one of the companies players might look to when building their Shadows of Centralis armies.

Using models and kits ‘as is’ or as part of conversion projects, Warlord Games’ extensive Pike and Shotte range is especially worth exploring for those fielding Konstrato Empire armies in their games of Shadows of Centralis. Similarly, Warlord Games’ Black Powder collection offers players of the Konstrato Empire a number of go-to sets. Notable mentions go to the number of impressive cannon models available, as well as the many Black Powder sprues which provide countless conversion options for both Foot Troops units and Mounted Troops units.

Further information on the Endovelicus-worshipping Konstrato Empire, as well as the complete Konstrato Empire Army List can be found in the Shadows of Centralis book.

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