Army overview:

Along with elves and dwarfs, goblins are one of the oldest races of the Orb. Unlike elves and dwarfs, whose realms have suffered greatly, and whose people are now much diminished, goblins remain widespread across the planet, with three established kingdoms within the Coelum region.

Players fielding an army of Goblins have access to a variety of troop types, units which are typically large, compensating for a goblin’s lack of individual strength. Fuelled by intoxicating food and drinks, along with a disregard for attention to detail or personal safety, many units are wildly unpredictable, making a Goblins force a challenging but also fun army to lead.

Forming the General unit, a goblin chieftain can be alone on foot, on foot and with bodyguards, or mounted upon a chuckling hyena. However the chieftain is taken, the unit benefits from the Inspiring, Chicoi Stimulants and Dutch Courage special rules. If the chieftain is fielded with bodyguards, the unit also comes with the Follow the Leader and Look Out special rules. Serving their general, a goblin champion can also be fielded on foot or riding a hyena.

With a woeful Durability (D) value (9+ if on foot, 8+ if on a hyena), a goblin shaman tends not to fare well in Hand-to-Hand Combat, and can often attract the attention of enemy missile units. If a Goblins player can keep the shaman alive, there are a number of annoyingly effective spells he can cast. A goblin shaman also has the Chicoi Stimulants and Time Manipulator special rules.

In terms of Victory Points (VP), most Goblins units are cheap, allowing a Goblins player to field a horde of crazed creatures. Though Goblin Spearmen, available in units of 10 or 20, only have a Hand-to-Hand (H-t-H) value of 8+, they do benefit from the Dutch Courage special rule. More expensive but with a better Hand-to-Hand (H-t-H) value (7+), Goblin Swordsmen have the Chicoi Stimulants special rule. Meanwhile, Goblin Archer units benefit from the Dutch Courage and Spotters special rules.

Typifying goblin nature, Goblin Flamers take to the field of war drunk and armed with flamethrowers, consequently these units have the Overheat and Drunk special rules. Armed with slings and cannisters of poisonous elapidae spray, Goblin Slingers are the other choice of Foot Troops available to Goblins players.

Mounted Troops, armed with both close combat and missile weapons, Goblin Warriors on Hyenas are versatile fighters with a decent Durability (D) value (6+). While, with the Goblins player able to field a maximum of two Monsters units, Ogres, Giants and Trolls provide much needed muscle to a Goblins army.

The cheapest of Goblins Monsters units, at a cost of 50 Victory Points (VP), Ogres are available in units of 3. Solid fighters, wearing light armour, each Ogre is armed with a great axe or great sword. Ogres have the Large Target special rule. A Giant unit costs 60 Victory Points (VP), as does a unit of 3 Trolls. Giants have the Clumsy, Fear and ExtraLarge Target special rules, while Trolls have Poison, Stench, Regenerate and Large Target special rules.

A Goblins army can include up to three Machines of War units, and with options including Bolt Throwers, Chariots, Flame Walkers and Grenade Launchers, they are spoilt for choice. Though, beware, goblins are not known for their workmanship.

Capable of devastating enemy units, complete with a -2 modifier to D10 Durability Test rolls and 3” template, a Goblin Bolt Thrower provides powerful long-range firepower. Providing a Goblins player can keep the crew alive, the crew of 3 Goblin Warriors have a Durability (D) value of 8+, the Goblin Bolt Thrower can prove a deadly unit. Meanwhile, with a range of 30” and holding the Temperamental special rule, another ranged war machine available to an army of Goblins is the Grenade Launcher.

Mobile Machines of War, Goblins also have access to Goblin Hyena Chariot and Goblin Flame Walker units. With a crew of 2 Goblin Warriors, a Goblin Hyena Chariot has the Large Target and Crash special rules. A perfect example of goblin invention, fusing danger with unreliability and a complete disregard for personal safety, a Goblin Flame Walker has a mounted flamethrower and holds the Large Target, Flammable and Crash special rules.

Arguably, should a player of Goblins wish to be true to the crazed and frantic character of Puck, he will happily ignore the obvious dangers to his own army and field as many explosive-firing, flame-throwing troops as possible. For goblins, war is a celebratory and joyous event.

Example Army List:

Goblins Magic Cards:

Below are Shadows of Centralis Goblins Magic Cards (Magic Spells originally printed in the Shadows of Centralis book) which can be printed out, fixed to card, and used in games.


Shadows of Centralis can be played with models from any manufacturer, below are a few ideas for armies of Goblins. When it comes to choosing models to represent units of Goblins, Shadows of Centralis players have many different options to consider, with companies such as Warmonger Miniatures, North Star Military Figures, Diehard Miniatures and Mantic all producing superb miniatures.

Legendary sculptor Kevin Adams is a name synonymous with model Goblins, his company GoblinMaster produce some wonderful models which would make great additions to any Goblins army.

With an extensive range of superb miniatures, sculpted by the finest modelmakers, Knightmare Games are another company which players of Goblins may wish to consider.

Further information on the Puck-worshipping Goblins, as well as the complete Goblins Army List can be found in the Shadows of Centralis book.

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