Hag Elves

Army overview:

The antithesis of their once virtuous roots, crazed, drug-fuelled hag elves are evil-hearted warriors who revel in the bloody carnage of war. Quick of pace and expert killers, an army of Hag Elves is a fearsome force. Evidence of their frequent drug use, many Hag Elves units come with special rules, including Chicoi Stimulants, Confidence Enhancers and Dutch Courage.

Be it on foot or mounted on a horse, pegasus or dragon, a Hag Elf Lord forms the army’s General unit. Equally proficient in close quarters fighting and missile warfare, with multiple Attacks and Hand-to-Hand (H-t-H) and Shooting (S) values both weighing in at 4+, a Hag Elf Lord is a character to be much feared on the field on battle. A Hag Elf Lord and Hag Elf Lord on Horse unit has the Inspiring and Chicoi Stimulants special rules, while a Hag Elf Lord on Pegasus has the additional Fly special rule. Most powerful of all Hag Elf Lord units is the Hag Elf Lord on Dragon, though at 110 VP, it is also the most expensive in terms of Victory Points. A Hag Elf Lord on Dragon unit benefits from the Inspiring, Breathe Fire, Terrifying, Extra-Large Target, Fly and Chicoi Stimulants special rules.

A Hag Elves army can include up to three Champions units, options include a Hag Elf Champion, Hag Elf Champion on Horse, Hag Elf Champion on Griffon, Hag Elf Fixer, and Hag Elf Motivator. On foot, horseback or upon a monstrous griffon, a Hag Elf Champion excels in Hand-to-Hand Combat and Shooting. As standard, a Hag Elf Champion (on foot or mounted on a horse) has the Chicoi Stimulants special rule. A Hag Elf Champion on Griffon holds the Fear, Large Target, Fly and Chicoi Stimulants special rules. However the Hag Elf Champion unit is fielded, it can be granted the Battle Standard special rule at a cost of an additional +5 Victory Points (VP). Though possessing a Durability (D) value of only 8+, both a Hag Elf Fixer and Hag Elf Motivator possess useful special rules; a Hag Elf Fixer has the Medic special rule, while a Hag Elf Motivator carries the Encouraging special rule.

Possessing the Dutch Courage special rule, Mages, on foot or mounted upon a horse or unicorn, make up the Magic Users units of a Hag Elves army. With a Magic (Mg) value of 5+, Hag Elf Mages are highly proficient wizards. In addition to having access to the General Magic Spells List of Shadows of Centralis, a player of Hag Elves can also use spells such as Bliss and Hallucinatory Horrors from the Hag Elves Magic Spells List.

A reflection of their limited number, elven units tend to be smaller than other forces, Foot Troops units are in blocks of 5 or 10, while Mounted Troops are in blocks of 5 only. The cornerstone of a Hag Elves army are units of Hag Elf Spearmen, Hag Elf Archers, and Hag Elf Crossbowmen. Complete with their great swords or great axes, and Confidence Enhancers and Fear special rules, Knight of N’kish are the most brutal foot soldiers of an army of Hag Elves.

With regards to Mounted Troops options, a Hag Elves player can consider Hag Elf Horse Riders and hard-hitting Hag Elf Cataphracts. Hag Elf Horse Riders, each armed with a bow and a sword, can make Attacks in Hand-to-Hand Combat (2) and Shooting (1), though their Durability (D) value is a less than solid 7+. Though Hag Elf Cataphracts have no Attacks in Shooting, they have 2 each in Hand-to-Hand Combat, whilst armed with lances, and holding a Durability (D) value of 4+.

Hag elves tend to field limited number of monsters, units of Giant Kites make up the considerations for Monsters units. With a Movement (M) value of 15, and holding the Fly special rule, Giant Kites can often serve well when tasked with interrupting enemy lines or picking off diminished units. Meanwhile, Machines of War units for Hag Elves include Hag Elf Horse Chariots and Hag Elf Ballistae.

Example Army List:

Hag Elves Magic Cards:

Below are Shadows of Centralis Hag Elves Magic Cards (Magic Spells originally printed in the Shadows of Centralis book) which can be printed out, fixed to card, and used in games.


Shadows of Centralis can be played with models from any manufacturer, below are a few ideas for armies of Hag Elves. Often preferring crossbows ahead of bows and arrows, players of Hag Elves can find a range of crossbow components to consider within Gripping Beast’s vast collection of separate weapon pieces. Meanwhile, with a little converting, many of Gripping Beast’s crossbowmen figures led themselves well be being fielded within units of Hag Elf Crossbowmen.

Having turned from the virtuous teachings of the goddess Dagnr, instead choosing to follow the dark paths laid out by gods such as N’kish and Taranix, Hag Elves revel in bloody carnage upon the field of battle. Leering and grinning with sinister menace, typically depicting foul demons, Hag Elves, particularly Knights of N’kish and Hag Elf Cataphracts, often enter battle wearing battle masks or ornate helmets. When converting models to represent these masked warriors, players of Hag Elves may wish to look at Gripping Beast’s Druzhina and Cataphract models.

Produced by Diehard Miniatures, the model below makes a great Hag Elf Mage. Offering many different models, another manufacturer worth considering is RPE Miniatures & Games.

Further information on the Hag Elves, as well as the complete Hag Elves Army List can be found in the Shadows of Centralis book.

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