Shadows of Centralis

“The Old Ones were, the Old Ones are, and the Old Ones shall be. Not in the spaces we know, but between them. They walk serene and primal, undimensioned and to us unseen.” H.P. Lovecraft.

Welcome to the official website of the brand new 28mm tabletop wargame, Shadows of Centralis. With a unique slant on fantasy and science fiction tropes, and providing richly detailed background stories, Shadows of Centralis is an immersive strategy wargame which offers players the opportunity to field a range of different armies. From the nightmarish Undead, resurrected from peaceful slumber by foul necromancy, to the pious Konstrato Empire, from the barbarous Yalif hordes to the technologically advanced Lords, in total, there are fifteen different armies to choose from.

Complete with several different scenarios, full rules, and fifteen comprehensive army lists, the 400-page, A5 book Shadows of Centralis rulebook (available for purchase via Amazon and selected stockists) contains all the information needed to play a game of Shadows of Centralis.

Book contains

  • Foreword by Rick Priestley
  • Introduction to Shadows of Centralis
  • Details of Centralis Portas and the gods
  • Map and history of the Orb
  • Full rules
  • 6 different scenarios
  • 15 army lists; Damned, Dwarfs, Elves, Fiends, Followers of the Eye, Goblins, Hag Elves, Konstrato Empire, Lords, Orcs, Order of Ophelia, Samurai, Servants of Extinction, Undead, Yalif        
  • Featured model manufacturers; Diehard Miniatures, Gripping Beast Ltd, Warlord Games, Foundry Miniatures Ltd, Warmonger Miniatures, Goblinmaster Limited, Lucid Eye Publications, Mantic

In addition to being available for purchase via Amazon, Shadows of Centralis is also available from selected model manufacturers:

Diehard Miniatures

Gripping Beast Ltd

The Little Soldier Company

Caliver Books

RPE Miniatures & Games

Shadows of Centralis Monthly Magazine: Including background stories, new scenarios, and all the latest news, as well as featuring hobby articles, reviews, exclusive interviews with personalities from the miniatures and wargaming worlds, and more, Shadows of Centralis Monthly Magazine is the essential companion for players of the Shadows of Centralis game.

Released monthly as an A5 paperback, Shadows of Centralis Monthly Magazine is available for purchase exclusively from Amazon, as well as viewable for free as a PDF on this website.

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