The Little Soldier Company: Tenoch Review

Powered by the drive and enthusiasm of company founder David Wood, The Little Soldier Company are a UK model manufacturer who specialise in 28mm metal fantasy miniatures with an ‘old school’ aesthetic. Boasting the sculpting talents of the likes of Kevin Adams, Bob Olley, John Robertson, Philip Page, Mark Evans, Martin Buck, and John Pickford, the models of The Little Soldier Company are all full of originality and character.

Sculpted by one of this magazine’s favourite sculptors, the legendary Kevin Adams, and coinciding with this month’s Army Focus on the Followers of the Eye, this month we review The Little Soldier Company’s range of superb Tenoch models. With their reptilian features and gaping mouths, Tenoch models are extremely well-suited to being fielded within armies of the Followers of the Eye.

The Little Soldier Company’s ‘Overlord’ model, sculpted by Kevin Adams.
The Little Soldier Company’s ‘Tenoch Warrior with Blaster’ and ‘Tenoch Warrior Champion’ models, both sculpted by Kevin Adams.
‘Tenoch Warriors with Pikes’. Copyright: The Little Soldier Company.

From Palanquins to Beast Riders, with much in between, The Little Soldier Company offer thirty different Tenoch models, in addition to a number of highly detailed accessory packs. With all of these models offering a number of conversion options, there are also many Tenoch miniatures which players of the Followers of the Eye will be able to use ‘as is’, some examples of this are listed below.

Examples of using Tenoch models as Followers of the Eye

‘Beast Rider Champion with Sword and Shield’: Warrior Champion on Timurlengia

‘Chapter Command with Banner Pole’: Warrior Champion with Battle Standard special rule

‘Tenoch Palace Guard’: Monitor-men Warriors

‘Tenoch Warriors’: Monitor-men Warriors

‘Beast Rider Warrior with Sword and Shield’: Monitor-man Warrior on Timurlengia

The Little Soldier Company’s range of Tenoch models are made of metal, and each miniature is crisply cast, ensuring no detail from the master sculpts is lost. Further to the outstanding quality of the models offered, a note on The Little Soldier Company’s excellent customer service needs to be mentioned, too. With David Wood at the helm, The Little Soldier Company offer wonderful models which are competitively priced, whilst orders are dealt with quickly and efficiently and customer’s questions are answered promptly with highly knowledgeable responses.

Preparing, assembling, and painting these Tenoch models has been an absolute joy. With their style and detail, these models make wonderful additions to armies of the Followers of the Eye, as well as offering collectors of ‘old school’ fantasy models, and collectors of Kevin Adams’ miniatures, great additions for their existing collections. Shadows of Centralis Monthly Magazine looks forward to exploring further the models provided by The Little Soldier Company as we plan to review more of the manufacturer’s fabulous miniatures in future issues.

An interview with The Little Soldier Company’s David Wood can be found in issue 3 of Shadows of Centralis Monthly Magazine, while an in depth focus on Kevin Adams can be found on the ‘Interviews’ page of this website.

One of the selected stockists of Shadows of Centralis, The Little Soldier Company also have an exclusive offer for all purchases of the book, each copy comes with a free metal Tenoch model sculpted by Kevin Adams. Full details of this special offer can be found on The Little Soldier Company’s website.

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