Monthly Magazine: Issue #7 (October 2022)

Issue #7 (October 2022)

  • Shadows of Centralis Monthly Magazine                      
  • Shadows of Centralis                                                       
  • Trish Carden: HarrowHyrst (Part 1)                            
  • Dungeon Master: Talking with Alan Merrett (Part 1)  
  • Shadows of Centralis Army Focus: Hag Elves              
  • Shadows of Centralis: Damned Champions                
  • Gripping Beast: Dark Age Cavalry Review                   
  • The Little Soldier Company: New Releases                  
  • Horror Fiends: Boris Karloff                                         
  • Shadows of Centralis: Website                                     
  • Shadows of Centralis: Stockists                                    
  • Model Manufacturers                                                      

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