Monthly Magazine: Issue #4 (July 2022)

Issue #4 (July 2022)

  • Shadows of Centralis Monthly Magazine
  • Exclusive Shadows of Centralis Miniature
  • Shadows of Centralis: Weather Conditions
  • Shadows of Centralis: Time Pockets
  • Gripping Beast: Horses
  • Wargaming Wizardry: Talking with Rick Priestley
  • Shadows of Centralis Army Focus: Fiends
  • Overrunners and More: A Talk with Bob Naismith (Part 2)
  • The Little Soldier Company: New Releases
  • Horror Fiends: Peter Cushing
  • Shadows of Centralis: Website
  • Shadows of Centralis: Stockists
  • Model Manufacturers

Issue #4 available for purchase as an A5 paperback from Amazon.

Released monthly as an A5 paperback, Shadows of Centralis Monthly Magazine is available for purchase exclusively from Amazon, as well as viewable for free as a PDF on this website.

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