Monthly Magazine: Issue #1 (April 2022)

Issue #1 (April 2022)

  • Shadows of Centralis Monthly Magazine                
  • Shadows of Centralis: A Look at the Game              
  • Exclusive Shadows of Centralis Miniature by
  • Lucid Eye Publications                                              
  • Diehard Miniatures: A Talk with Tim Prow             
  • Shadows of  Centralis: Armies Snapshot                 
  • Beast Master: Catching up with Trish Carden         
  • Wargames Atlantic: Head Honcho Hudson Adams
  • Rome: And the Wars of the Middle Sea                    
  • Horror Fiends: H.P. Lovecraft                                  
  • Army Focus: The Damned                                        
  • Shadows of Centralis: Website                                 
  • Model Manufacturers                                                

Issue #1 available for purchase as an A5 paperback from Amazon.

Released monthly as an A5 paperback, Shadows of Centralis Monthly Magazine is available for purchase exclusively from Amazon, as well as viewable for free as a PDF on this website.

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