Gripping Beast: Dreng Warriors Review

Well into its third decade of operation, Gripping Beast are a powerhouse of model manufacturing who recently acquired Front Rank Figurines; a move which further bolsters the company’s position as a leading provider of high quality, highly detailed miniatures, backed with exceptional customer service. From the ancient period to medieval, from fantasy to World War I, World War II, and modern day, with much in between, such is the breadth of Gripping Beast’s miniatures catalogue, many of these models are ideally suited to games of Shadows of Centralis.

Lightly armoured, wrapped in furs, carrying shields, armed with an assortment of hand weapons, and sculpted by Bill Thornhill, Gripping Beast’s Dreng Warriors make perfect Extinction Warriors.

In addition to being armed with an axe or sword, each Extinction Warrior carries a bow, something Gripping Beast caters for in the form of their loose metal bows.

Gripping Beast’s Dreng Warriors come as both single-piece and multi-piece models, allowing for a range of different weapons and shield types to be incorporated. All-metal models, the details of these figures, such as textured furs, daggers, pouches, and wonderfully expressive faces, have been finely executed by sculptor Bill Thornhill.

Each serving as a perfect representation of a fearsome and violent Extinction Warrior, available in packs of 4 or 8, in total, there 16 different Dreng Warriors available. Requiring minimal preparation and assembly, the models’ different textures (clothing, furs, faces, and weapons) allow for both an interesting and enjoyable painting experience.

Such is their extensive selection of high-quality and highly versatile figures, many of which lend themselves wonderfully well to games of Shadows of Centralis, Shadows of Centralis Monthly Magazine looks forward to exploring further the models provided by Gripping Beast as we plan to review more of the manufacturer’s fabulous miniatures in future issues.

For those yet to purchase their copy, while perusing their wide range of superb miniatures, visitors to Gripping Beast’s website can also purchase Shadows of Centralis (simply search ‘shadows of centralis’).

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