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Available exclusively from Lucid Eye Publications is a special Shadows of Centralis miniature, R’lyeh, Acolyte of Rooth. Based around Ruth Moreira’s painting which features on the Shadows of Centalis book cover, this 28mm metal model has been sculpted by the legendary Steve Saleh.

Shadows of Centralis Rulebook & Exclusive Miniature Bundle

R’lyeh, Acolyte of Rooth

Shadows of Centralis Rulebook

Unflinching and determined in the implementing of their goddess Rooth’s bloody and anarchic teachings, the Servants of Extinction are a tireless war machine seemingly without conscience. With the lives of others deemed insignificant, it is the absolute eradication of order, religions, and all other cultures that the Servants of Extinction pursue as they look to serve Rooth. In the belief that a life of eternal peace and fulfilment awaits them should they follow the path laid out by their deity, the Servants of Extinction are widely considered by the Orb’s other inhabitants as a psychopathic fringe of the human race.

Populating a series of bleak and austere islands off the southern coast of Infernum, the Servants of Extinction board fleets of slender and swift, clinker-built warships as they navigate the seas of the Orb. Much more than opportunistic marauders of the seas, the Servants of Extinction have a fearsome reputation for military doctrines centred around lightning-fast attacks and the razing of coastal regions.

Typically veteran warriors with vast experience of warfare and military campaigns, each Servants of Extinction force is led by an Extinction Warlord. With a fervent belief in Rooth, and fuelled with a desire for their place alongside her in her heavenly realm, the Palace of Solace, these ferocious fighters are prolific killers who have no hesitation in following the words of their goddess, no matter how extreme the destruction may be.

A highly astute military strategist, charismatic leader, and architect of the macabre, one of the most infamous Servants of Extinction Warlords is R’leyh, Acolyte of Rooth. Fearless, brutal, and an inspirer of great fear, R’leyh is noted for nailing slain and captured enemy warriors to his ships’ (often referred to as death ships) masts, resulting in their flaxen white sails coloured a gory, nightmarish bloodred.

Using the Unit Profile below, Servants of Extinction players can choose to field R’lyeh, Acolyte of Rooth as their army’s General unit.

R’lyeh, Acolyte of Rooth

R’lyeh, Acolyte of Rooth54/ 24+5+4+27+60
R’lyeh, Acolyte of Rooth Unit Profile

Equipment: Wearing light armour, and carrying a shield, R’lyeh, Acolyte of Rooth  is armed with a crossbow and sword or axe. Special Rules: R’lyeh, Acolyte of Rooth has the Inspiring and Fear special rules.

Casting a steely, unblinking eye across the foamy, white-laced waves, with salty sea air stinging like a swarm of hornets his bruised and lacerated face and hands, R’lyeh, Acolyte of Rooth considered the absolute destruction he and his warriors had left behind. It had been without mercy or hesitation that the Servants of Extinction had slain those before them, saving only a few dozen soldiers who were later nailed to his ships’ masts; their deaths painfully drawn out, they were gruesome, crow-pecked decorations designed to instil a nauseating fear in the enemy.

Not content to simply defeat the defending force of the Konstrato Empire in combat, R’lyeh wanted to crush the enemy, to remove all traces of them, and had ordered the complete razing of the coastal outpost. Such was the intensity of the flames, fuelled as much by fanatical enthusiasm for the cause as the use of many barrels of oil, plumes of thick black smoke served as a message for miles around of R’lyeh’s intentions to wreak havoc in neighbouring lands.

It had not been without costs of his own that R’lyeh had achieved victory, his Servants of Extinction troops had suffered casualties, too. Below deck, in chambers misted with incense and the murmuring of prayers, many warriors were being treated by apothecaries. Of those who had made the ultimate sacrifice, R’lyeh felt a strange sense of envy; his fallen warriors had now transcended the limitations of physical form and had ascended to Rooth’s Palace of Solace. Now with their goddess, with soul purified and mind cleansed, and with their committed atrocities forming no part of their memories, the slain Servants of Extinction warriors now lived a supernatural life of eternal fulfilment.

Returning to his sleeping quarters, R’lyeh drank deeply from an ornate green glass bottle which had been resting on the floor of his bedside. As the vinegary tones of the papaver somniferum-based wine washed down his throat, R’lyeh lay back on his bed, closed his eyes and entered into strange, euphoric dreams. Until he himself entered through the gates of the Palace of Solace, such dreams would be his consolation.

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