Warlord Games Open Day 2022 (3rd September 2022)

Creators of Shadows of Centralis, John Wombat and Ruth Moreira, will be part of this year’s Warlord Games Open Day. Special guests of Warlord Games, John and Ruth will be heading the first official Shadows of Centralis event since the game’s recent release in April.

Held in Nottingham, at Warlord Games’ impressive HQ, attendees of the event will be able to speak with John and Ruth, ask questions about the game, take part is demo games (using Servants of Extinction and Undead armies from John’s personal collection), and purchase copies of the Shadows of Centralis book (which can be signed upon request).

A celebration of Warlord Games, also taking place as part of the Open Day are a range of different activities, including:

  • HQ Tours – see behind the scenes and follow the journey from concept to despatch of Warlord Games games and models.
  • Seminars from leading industry stalwarts including Andy Chambers, Adrian McWalter, Paul Sawyer and John Stallard.
  • Meet our figure designers and painters – learn new techniques and find out how they generate such amazing results.
  • Meet John Stallard and see his collection of historical artefacts.
  • Hail Caesar (War of the Roses) demonstration game by Alan & Michael Perry.
  • Blood Red Skies participation game.
  • Special Offers (including a discount from your ticket of £12 off from a starter game of your choice)
  • Raffle in support of the Models for Heroes charity.
  • Catering on site (including free tea and coffee).

Full details of this special event can be found on Warlord Games’ website.

Tickets, priced £12.00, can be purchased directly from Warlord Games.

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